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‘There’s Something About Susie’

True Friendship. Wholesome. Spiritual. Honest.

Susie Elaine worked as Commercial Sales Manager at Apple’s outlet on Edinburgh’s Princes Street.

During the winter months of 2016 I was on the lookout for upgrading laptops, so visited Apple’s newly opened prestigious store.

This was my first time meeting with Susie. Ahead of detailed discussions, I explained my neurological inability to deal with a quick-fire information deliveries due to the onset of diagnosed Parkinson’s.

An immediate connection was established, and there was a sense I wasn’t alone here in all things neuro’ disorder.

Atop a flight of internal stairs to Apple’s  commercial section, Susie took time aside to explain her own recent diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. I fell silent as Susie’s take on illness and brain conditions were spoken with such positive resolve.

I was mesmerized, transfixed, and simply gobsmacked by her delivery, and by her obvious natural beauty. But it wasn’t just the physical, it was Susie’s inward spirituality and warmth. Her face shone with belief in greater protective powers.

Susie’s emotional response produced moistened eyes. We shared the warmest of cuddles, one which seemed to be a passing on of celestial positive messaging.

It is a moment of humanity always to recall, and it sealed not just a business association but a valued new friendship too.

Susie’s career has moved on from her time at Apple, now using her gift as a life coach helping others to transform their lives.

There are few who have inspired and enriched my eventful life. Fewer still, those whose qualities set themselves way above what we hope for ourselves. Susie is inspirational. 

How fortunate we each are to suffer in small measure, while others endure so much yet head forward in positive belief.

How fortunate I am to have good positive friendships, especially with Susie.  

Extract from:
‘Being Malcolm – Too Many Heartbeats’  ©

Cara – ‘The Day Sunshine Returned’

It wasn’t the diagnosis of Parkinson’s which impacted most, it was the initial journey through a mental health darkness so black I cancelled the future.

Over five years ago I denied my own future, parked the business, surrendered to the onset of this degenerative brain condition, and then indulged in feeling terribly sorry for myself. 

Relocation brightened the horizon. It was just a wee step, but a step forward nonetheless.

I could breathe freely again.

Regaining control of life’s basic daily grind was a slow, but spiritually rewarding experience. It was still very dark, but a lighter shade of black.

Starbucks Coffee House on Edinburgh’s historic Royal Mile provided calm environs.

It was a dreich Scottish rainy December’s day.

Christmas was looming, the shops were bustling with seasonal cheer, and here was I sat alone in deepest thought.

Then something, or rather someone caught my attention in a random kind of way.

That someone was the strikingly lovely Cara, also sat alone at an adjacent table, seemingly lost in her own thoughts.

Our conversation started with ease.

Time seemed non-existent as we swapped emails, telephone contact, aspirations, plans, even life stories, and drank lots of coffee.

The sunshine returned that day.

Cara inspired and encouraged a return to my business with her artistic and creatively beautiful mind.

Our story since makes for an interesting read, with bizarre real-life links to the executed Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu; and with a strangely juvenile, ever-present and jealous Edinburgh Jack-In-The-Box stalking our every move. 

It was Cara who inspired my hitherto hesitant return to a stalled and moribund business. And it is Cara’s lasting inspiration that continues to return the sunshine.

I am forever grateful.

Extract taken from:
‘Being Malcolm – Too Many Heartbeats’  ©

Romuald ‘Roman’ Rodziewicz  

Romuald ‘Roman’ Rodziewicz is a national hero of Polish resistance against Nazi Germany’s Blitzkrieg of his homeland, one who waged war alongside a band of 50 comrades on horseback, charging at their enemies with raised sabres.

His escape from the onslaught of an invasion force of such magnitude was miracle in itself, but his capture and later imprisonment within the death camps of *Auschwitz provides an astonishing insight to one man’s survival.

Roman’s honour and courage is undeniable. His forgiveness is the greatest legacy of a truly great man.

An absolute inspiration to me, and to his countrymen, women, and future generations of children who read his extraordinary life story.

*VIEW Roman’s full story along with my broadcast film documentary and radio features in the ‘Polish Projects’ feature on this site.

Archive Journalism

Working in Gaza, Palestine, December 2002

Inspired to write about, and campaign against the ongoing tragedy suffered by those enduring the constant injustice of Palestine.

Seasoned advice for many who pre-judge the situation in Palestine, opinionating rhetorical ill-informed and inaccurate media copy.

My suggestion is they first visit the country before offering subjective self-perceived expertise.



Of Palestinian heritage, Edinburgh educated, here pictured, an intellectually astute Nada.

A true gift to Palestine through her engaging family background.

I journeyed to her family’s troubled homeland to meet and greet its people, and to garner first-hand contacts knowledge for BBC journalism.

Nada and I shared a close relationship which wasn’t entirely welcomed within a culturally sensitive middle east.

Regardless, Nada enhanced my life adding new perspective.

A lovely lass whose ability to overcome the worst life offers remains an amazing inspiration.

Extract from:
‘Being Malcolm – Too Many Heartbeats’ ©

Working in Gaza – 2002