Never regret anything that made you smile

Malcolm R Fane

This life site is currently under construction with sample content on view. is the life site of British Writer, Author, Journalist, Filmmaker and Broadcast Producer Malcolm R Fane.

Professional and personal adventures, successes and failures. A lifetime of storylines illustrated with thought-provoking selected soundtracks.

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Completed website revised launch date October 2021.

Never Regret Anything That Made You Smile

Malcolm & Patricia 

Never Regret Anything That Made You Smile

Welcome – Fáilte 

Thank you for taking time to connect with new personal and business websites. Despite these challenging pandemic times, I remain determined to head forward with business plans.

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A Time For Change

Following the completion of a broadcast finale – ‘Morven’s Child’ © – I have decided to fully focus my remaining career on script and book writing. 

Life has been brimful of experience, from the everyday ordinary to spine tingling extraordinary. Reviewing all career years past, I feel sure fate guided this journey to professional journalism, thereafter developing to full-time script, screen, and book writing.

Journalism gifted a strong objective and subjective public voice, a platform which ultimately provided the creative fulfilment I had always yearned. 

A full life lived with fearless & boundaryless personal adventures. Award-winning career successes interwoven with near-death survival of complex multiple injuries – sixteen invasive surgical reconstructive operations during thirty years since, highlighting a high price paid for survival.

Multiple relationships and marriages shared with the deepest of love, passion, and the heartbreaking despair of loss – it’s all in the mix of ‘Being Malcolm – Too Many Heartbeats’ © 

My career’s final destination is clearly set out and will only add to the priceless fulfilment already felt. 

Malcolm R Fane

Scotland’s Highlands & Islands

Malcolm R Fane